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Hail Repair

Daily Dents Inc. specializes in Hail Damage Repair, from fixing hundreds of vehicles for a dealership, rental company, or body shop to taking care of a retail customer, we are the right company for the job. Our staff will take care of everything from start to finish to make your repair process as convenient as possible. We will work directly with your insurance company to ensure that there is nothing overlooked or under appraised. As an individual customer this means quicker turn around time. At times we can get your insurance company to waive your deductable and in some cases we will offer assistance in covering your deductable directly. Our fleet services also include insurance assistance to ensure that the maximum appraisal. This usually allows room for our fleet customers to not only get their vehicles repaired but to also make a profit. Let us take the stress away and build a friendly working relationship for years to come. Click here to view what our customers think about their experience with Daily Dents Inc..

Body Shops

Our staff is very well rehearsed with working together with bodyshops. Together there is a perfect unity that allows insurance companies, bodyshops, and Daily Dents Inc. to provide a perfect repair experience. While working with bodyshops there are many benefits that we have to offer bodyshops. Benefits include:-reducing or eliminating bondo/filler-removing minor dents that were mistakenly overlooked during conventional repair process-repairing panels with severe damage (extreme number of dents or large dents) or paint damage to eliminate panel replacement and filler. (push to paint)-One stop repair, we repair all panels that are pdr capable and the bodyshop repairs or replaces anything additional-Providing additional source of income for bodyshops-necessary paintless dent repair appraisals to guarantee maximum proceeds for bodyshops


Free Lease Inspections

Our technicians can save you hundreds of dollars when turning in your lease vehicle.  Most people often forget when they lease a vehicle it's not theirs, and soon enough it is time to turn your vehicle in.  This is when many customers wish they had read the fine print in their contracts.  Lease companies do allow you to have some "wear and tear" on your vehicle, but you and your lease company may have different opinions on what "severe" damage actually is!  Lease companies need to be strict when evaluating damage to vehicles because they need them to look their best in order to make a profit during resale.  Let us inspect your vehicle for FREE before you turn it in.  We know the guidelines that leasing companies use, and we can save you up to 75% on the cost of your repairs.

Plastic Bumper Repair


Daily Dents Inc. currently services several dealerships on a weekly basis.  We repair all the dents and dings on the lot as well as providing repairs for delearship loyal customers.  In the event of a hail storm we provide a team of technicians to take care of every detail to expedite the recovery process.


We have technicians available in several states for your convenience. This also allows us to repsond to a hail storm emergency anywhere in the United States within 48 hours or less.  We would love to add you to our long list of satisfied customers.  Please call us now.

Hire us

You know that big dent in your vehicle right on the corner of the bumper? You've seen it a thousand times getting in and out of our car. You put off the repair because you know it will cost you a small fortune at the dealer or bodyshop. The average bumper repair takes only minutes! Cost of repairs range from $50 - $175 depending on vehicle make, model, and the severity of the dent.

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